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Pressurised System Boiler
Most combination boilers and many standard boilers are now installed as Pressurised Systems. This differs from the previous conventional boiler systems which were reliant on a water tank (often in the loft) with a ball float device to maintain water levels within the system. As the self-filling water tank is omitted a pressurised system requires filling manually via a filling device, ( a ‘filling loop’). This allows a specific amount of water to be injected into the system via your mains cold water supply.

Reading the current system pressure
Every pressurised system, regardless of the type of boiler (combination boiler or standard system), will incorporate a pressure gauge which you can read. This pressure gauge is the device with which the system water pressure in your boiler and radiators is monitored.

To maintain the system in a healthy condition, the pressure gauge should be checked monthly. If you find that the system pressure has fallen please follow the steps below to re-pressurise your system.
Your central heating system manual will advise of the pressure that your system runs at. Most systems should be pressurised to between 1 and 1.5 bar.

Re- pressurising a Pressurised System Boiler
If the system pressure is too low, you may see that the system pressure gauge on the front of the boiler indicates that the pressure in the system is below 1 bar and out of the green area.

To re-pressurise the system you will find a filling loop (metal braded flexible hose) on the underside or underneath the boiler with one or two tap connections at the either end of the filling loop.

The tap or taps should be opened a quarter of a turn and the water will start to refill the system (water should be heard filling the system). You should see the pressure gauge rise back up into the green area on the pressure gauge between 1 bar and 1.5 bar pressure.

Once the pressure gauge is in the green area turn the taps back to the off position and the water will stop filling the system.

If you do fill the system too much and the pressure gauge is over the green area, just bleed water from a radiator until the pressure on the gauge goes down into the green area.

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